Nurturing Homes: Architecture Fringe Talks

In celebration of the 2021 Scottish Architecture Fringe, We Design Homes invited us to speak with them about ‘Nurturing Homes’. 


How do our homes influence our lives? How can design enhance the way we live, learn, grow, and rest? How can sustainable design have an impact on our physical, emotion, financial and social wellbeing? 


Throughout the discussion, we looked at ways of conserving and improving our homes so our clients can lead richer, fuller lives. Iain talked through Loader Monteith’s approach to wellbeing as the consideration of creating balance and coherence in our homes, looking at the Collector’s Home as one where peace of mind for a young family was at the forefront of design decisions.


We are committed to conservation and sustainable architecture, work that often goes hand in hand. We need to look at how we can touch the planet as lightly as possible, and adapting and improving buildings that already exist is a superb first step toward reducing our impact on the environment. Matt spoke to the ways we can retrofit and future-proof our homes, using The Maker’s House and High Sunderland as illustrative examples. 


The last year has given us all the opportunity to take stock and consider what it is that is important to our wellbeing, and we enjoyed sharing our knowledge of how homes play a vital role in enriching our daily lives. We’re grateful to Dean and Chris of We Design Homes for inviting us to be a part of the festival, and for providing a platform that makes architecture accessible and open to people who want to create nurturing homes. 


A recording of the talk is available to watch online here.